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Reskilling during lockdown

My brother Harvey has been furloughed on and off since March and has been wanting to learn JavaScript for a while. Although now is the perfect time to up-skill, Harvey is struggling with self-teaching! He has touched on basic JS courses, but I would really appreciate if anyone has any tips on how they got started – links, websites, words of wisdom. Thank you!

– Lucy Bradley

If courses aren’t moving the needle then how about starting with a blank page and sketching out an idea for a product which solves some real problem. It doesn’t have to save the world but having it solve a real problem will give you added drive to push through when things get tough. Then try figuring out how to build it. Just try to get it working. It might be ugly and you’ll probably stray from best practice. That’s fine, keep going. When you have no idea how to move forward because all tracks lead to dead ends you’ll be able to ask specific questions on Stack Overflow and you’ll be grateful for the time a random developer will spend helping you untangle the problem. After the confusion passes and small rare wins you’ll have your first iteration running. You might begin to fall in love with the process of development, and if that happens the resistance to learning will have started to break down. It’ll start to feel real because by that point you’re on a journey and it is real.