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2017 Goals

The goals laid down for this year are ambitious. I don’t know how I’m going to achieve them all, yet, but i’m taking a leaf out of Tony Robbin’s book and setting, what are in many instances, 10x what would be realistic. This type of chasm is necessary to stay excited about the future and open up one’s mindset

  1. Professional
      1. Launch grraft
      2. Success for mentees
        1. 200 tributes / testimonies from mentees
        2. 50 people have broken into their careers
        3. 20 unemployed people have broken into careers
        4. 5,000 sessions run: impact
        5. 80% or more sessions have 4 or 5 star ratings: quality sessions
        6. An average mentor rating of over 90%: quality mentors
      3. Success for mentors
        1. 200 tributes / testimonies from mentors
        2. 50 people have achieved the next milestone in their careers
        3. Financial success for subscribers; 90% of medium term subscribers (over 3months) earning at least 3x cost of subscribing
        4. An average mentee rating of over 90%: quality attendees
      4. Leverage human capital
        1. Bring in cofounders
        2. Bring in mentors
      5. Earn £8k/month
        1. 800 subscribers
        2. 40,000 total users
  2. Contribution
      1. Help the homeless
        1. Feed 50 homeless people
        2. Learn the stories of 25 homeless people
        3. Form a team to do this with
      2. Fund one surgical operation via Watsi
      3. Mentor 50 people through grraft
      4. Attend 20 paid sessions on grraft
  3. Personal
      1. Intellectual
        1. Read Homer’s Odyssey, write a summary
        2. Summarise and review Crime and Punishment
      2. Physical
        1. Move out into my own place (existing house or rent)
        2. Weigh 74 kgs
        3. Be able to run 20 long Victoria Park laps
        4. Be able to perform 60 consecutive push ups
        5. Be able to perform 60 consecutive sit ups
      3. Spiritual
        1. Read the New Testament, write a summary
        2. Trust in others; from ownership in grraft to friendships and family
      4. Family
        1. Contribute an extra £500/month
        2. Open up about my life; from grraft to what I’m reading
      5. Friends
        1. Take friends on shared activities
          1. Climbing
          2. Volunteering
      6. Financial
        1. Invest at least £2,000/month
  4. Adventure
      1. Go wall climbing 10 times
      2. Climb with group of friends
      3. Commit to a stretch challenge (similar to Yorkshire 3 peaks)


What are the new beliefs I need to achieve my goals?

  1. That there are people whose values are aligned with mine, who see the potential and importance for grraft to be realised
  2. That I can trust someone else to be as committed to making grraft a success
  3. That people will sacrifice their leisure time to help someone else
    1. I’ve seen this through Crisis: 10,000 people helped during Christmas
  4. That people are open to and will act on advice to change their lives for the better
    1. I’ve seen this through Crisis: people that used to be homeless now volunteers through accepting advice and rehabilitation
  5. That for all I lack, it’s me who has been given this dream, and that that would not be so if it were not possible. That if I ask, I shall receive, if I seek, I will find, if I knock, the door will be opened.


Why am I committed to these goals and what price do I pay for not achieving them?

  1. Professional
      1. The last year was a build up to this. Launching grraft, building the business with people I can trust and getting traction will help hundreds of people; 50 people beak into careers, 20 unemployed people break into careers, 50 people will achieve the next big milestone in their careers. The livelihoods of hundreds of people are inextricably linked to the success of grraft, including my own. If this doesn’t happen, the potential of hundreds of people won’t be realised
  2. Contribution
      1. 50 people won’t be hungry for the day, 25 people will have opened up and shared their story. One person will receive life changing surgery. If this doesn’t happen, scores of people won’t eat. Scores of people won’t share their story, won’t talk to anyone about anything meaningful. Some people may take their life. One person may never receive life changing surgery
  3. Personal
      1. To live as a man. To be strong physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. To involve people in meaningful activities. If this doesn’t happen; I will be in the same place as a decade ago, I won’t move with conviction, my voice won’t compel
  4. Adventure
      1. To live an embodied life, how my body is designed to be used. If this doesn’t happen my world will stay small with no time to unplug