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LevelUp is live

I’ve been working on an app called LevelUp over the past couple of months. I’m pleased to announce that it’s available to the public over at


LevelUp ties goal to action, ambition to accountability, progress to measurement, and the person you want to be to the person you are. It’s free and anyone can use it.

First 5 minutes with LevelUp

If you haven’t already done so, start off by creating a new account here. Sign in with your new account, note if you’re already on Google or Github, click those buttons to sign in with one click. This is your dashboard (mobile view is shown but it equally applies to desktop):

LevelUp how to

Start by creating a goal, clicking the pencil icon in the toolbar:

LevelUp create goal


A public goal can be shared with anyone with a link to your profile, now the world can be your accountability partner

Next define the action that’ll have to be developed to help achieve your goal

LevelUp create action




Notice how the action repeats every so many days, that’s forming a positive habit

Close out of the create menu (X or Cancel) and your dashboard will show 1 goal and 1 action.

LevelUp dashboard postcreation








There’s now planned reps – the amount of times you’re to complete all actions over the next 7 days. Think of planned reps as their gym analogue; each repetition making you a stronger version of yourself.

LevelUp action updated




At the end of the day, check in with yourself; measure your progress by simply clicking +1 next to the upcoming action. Notice your reps complete and conversion rate increase


Let’s drill down into this new action by clicking on it

LevelUp action page





You may change your priorities down the line and decide to put this action on hold – simply toggle it from On to Off. Actions are designed for flexibility in lifestyle





The history of your progress is charted over time. Scrolling down you can see the parent goal this action belongs to, clicking on it brings up that goal

LevelUp goal page



That covers the first 5 minutes with LevelUp. As a recap we

  • Created a new account and signed in
  • Created a goal and an action
  • Measured our progress
  • Navigated around our action and goal

Some of the things I’ll leave you to explore:

  • All goals and actions view and filtering them
  • My profile page (you can change your profile picture here, note you should link to a square image)


I’ll be using LevelUp as my roadmap. You can see my profile here and on my goal page. I’d love to hear your take on it, if you think LevelUp is useful in helping you become a better version of yourself, or if it doesn’t, or if it’s buggy – please reach out to the home of LevelUp on Github.

Finally a small tip, if you’re on a mobile add LevelUp to your home screen and it’ll look and feel (mostly) like an app. Here’s what it looks like on iOS

Bottom left: LevelUp added to home screen

Bottom left: LevelUp added to home screen



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